Diploma in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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The Diploma in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills of business, logistics and supply chain management. It assists students to achieve a high degree of effectiveness within the business logistics industry by providing a wide range of relevant skills and talents to complement their experience in their scope of work. Graduates can apply for careers in logistics, procurement, distribution, warehouse and e-commerce positions.

Course Structure

The Diploma course comprises six (6) subject units and a mandatory work based experience. The six (6) subject units are determined by the college from the following list:

This module introduces students to Logistics and Supply Chain Management, which involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material-handling, and packaging, and lately, security. Logistics is a channel of the supply chain which adds the value of time and place utility. The complexity of production logistics requires knowledge of analytical tools to support JIT and outsourcing.

This module introduces students to the functions and activities in the warehouse covering receipt, storage and movement of raw materials or finished goods to intermediate storage locations or to final customer in a multi-echelon model of distribution. The objective of warehousing management is to help in optimal cost of timely order fulfillment by managing the resources and inventory economically.

This module provides the students with an overview to Six Sigma methodology, which provides business with the tools to improve the capability of their business processes.

It allows the students to appreciate and reinforce (through examples and class assignments) the principle objectives of Six Sigma, which leads to vast improvement in profits, employee morale and quality of product/ service.

This module introduces students to the process and procedures of transporting freight by sea and air. The coverage also provides students with the necessary knowledge and insights into shipper strategies and costing and pricing issues. The module also cover information system for supply chain.

This module introduces students to basic principles of procurement concept and applications in the international business activities.

This module introduces students to the functions and activities of the warehouse security system. A warehouse typically contains valuable inventory, equipment, and other assets. The security system’s objective is to safeguard these assets from damage, theft, or unauthorized access. This can involve implementing measures like secure storage areas, monitoring systems, and inventory management techniques. The supply chain and warehouse security system help protect assets, ensure the safety of employees, comply with regulations, and maintain the overall integrity and efficiency of warehouse operations.

Students will be working in a logistics company for students will extend and deepen their knowledge of an aspect of business, logistics, supply chain, customer relationship management or freight security.

Each student is required to perform the various tasks on a topic related to the logistics and supply chain industry. They will be required to apply a range of skills set as they had studied in their course.

Admission Criteria

Age Requirement

  • at least 16 years old

Academic Requirement

  • At least C6 in any three (3) GCE ‘O’ subjects or equivalent qualifications.

English Entry Requirement

Students with equivalent foreign qualifications may be admitted provided they are proficient in the English Language, and possess

      • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent qualifications OR
      • A D7 Grade in GCE “O” Level – English Language OR
      • a Pass in English Placement Test determined by the College


Those who fail the English Placement Test will be required to successfully complete the EAP/ESL (Lower Intermediate) course conducted by college.

Course Information
Course Length: Full-time
Total Duration: 14 months (full-time) – 8 months subject units + 6 months internship


Candidates who successfully complete all 7 units of this programme will be awarded the Diploma in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Internship) by Beacon International College.

Students may refer to the here for more information.

Teacher-Student Ratio

Students may refer to the here for more information.

Course Details

Teaching Approach and Methods

The course is mainly conducted in the classroom via face-to-face learning which encourages student-teacher interaction. Students are encouraged to attend field trips organised by the school to encourage experiential learning.

Mode of delivery:

  • Lecture
  • Tutorial
  • Practical


Teaching Methods:

  • Discussion
  • Team work
  • Field Trips
  • Presentation
  • Role Play



In-course assessments only will be conducted. In- course assessments may include quizzes, class tests, class participation in question and answer sessions, oral presentation, subject assignments including assignment reports, projects and demonstartions where relevant, valid and appropriate.