Student Support Services

Student Support Services

A variety of comprehensive student support services are provided to meet the needs of the students studying in Beacon:

The Admin staff coordinates students’ airport arrival details and transfers the student to their preferred accomodation. As the arrangement is time dependent,  Students and/or Agents should communicate directly via email/telephone with the Admin staff to confirm these arrangements before their departure from their home country if they require assistance. 

Beacon works closely with the hostel operators to provide accommodation option for its international students. Students and/or Agents should communicate directly via email/telephone with the Admin staff to confirm these arrangements before their departure from their home country if they require assistance. 

  • Wireless Internet: Wireless internet connection is available within the campus
  • Library: Copies of textbooks and recommended reference books are available at the college’s library. Students may wish to study at the library during their free periods. PC and Printing facilities are available as well. In addition, the National Library which has a wide range of book selections is in close vicinity of Beacon and students are encouraged to apply for a library card which will allow them to loan books from the National Library. 
  • Student Lounge: Students may use the Student Lounge as a study area or a place to wind down and relax.
  • Food and Beverages: Beacon is located close to convenience stores, food courts and coffee shops. Students may wish to purchase food and beverages from these stores during their lunch time or breaks. Vending machines providing light snacks and beverages are also available within the campus.
  • Recreational: The open spaces and recreation games encourage student interaction over activities.

All new students are required to attend the New Student Orientation programme. 

The Beacon Orientation Programme consists of 2 parts:

  • New Student Briefing
  • New Student Orientation

New Student Briefing

In the New Student Briefing, Beacon’s Marketing Staff / Admin Staff goes through the New Student Enrolment File and Student Handbook with the student which includes the following:

  • Reiterate important course information and other information that were covered in the Student Pre-Course Counselling session by the Recruitment Agent or Marketing Staff. For example, the organization awarding their course certificate. 
  • Inform students of the refund, transfer, deferment, withdrawal. suspension, dismissal policies and procedures and of their rights. 
  • Explain the Student Feedback and Dispute Resolution Process & Procedure, Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) and reference to CPE’s official website for other information or updates.
  • Assist international students to adapt to the local environment or seek other support services. For example, general or specialist health services (physiological, dental, mental), etc
  • Advice or services on accommodation options for international students
  • Close collaboration with parents/guardians for students’ performance, upon request from parents/guardians
  • Career guidance counselling to assist students with proceeding to higher education
  • Complete student pass formalities for international students (if required)

New Student Orientation

The college arranges for a New Student Orientation every new semester. The orientation will be a great opportunity to encourage students and staff interaction and acclimatization for new students.

Beacon arranges for medical insurance coverage for hospitalization and related medical treatment for its students for the entire course duration. Singaporeans, PRs and International Students not holding Student’s Pass may be exempted from the medical insurance coverage and may opt out of the coverage by providing evidence that they are covered by their own medical insurance plan.

Beacon arranges for a group insurance for all students who are not exempted. The minimum features/coverage for the insurance purchase is:

  • Annual limit not less than S$20,000 per student
  • At least B2 ward (in government and restructured hospitals);
  • 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in college-related activities)

The insurance company provides a master copy of the medical insurance policy to Beacon. Students may refer to the policy on the Student Portal.

Academic Assistance

Additional remedial classes can be arranged if required and/or requested by students. The additional remedial classes are based on individual study plans and students’ learning needs.

English language programmes are available for students who have been tested and found to have low level English ability. The English Placement Test should be taken to ensure that their English proficiency level has met the required English level for the enrolled course.

To faciliate self-learning and develop accountability, students are encouraged to own a set of the textbooks (if available). Supplementary course materials will be provided.

Financial Assistance

Scholarship, Bursary, Study Grant, Installment plans and bank loans are available. Students are required to fill out the respective forms for application. Financial assistance is granted on a case by case basis.

Assistance to Disadvantaged Students

Beacon’s campus is wheel-chair friendly with ramps located at various areas and most classroom entrances are flat.

Beacon firmly believes that for a student to do well academically, he must first be healthy and living an active lifestyle. He must also have the mental resilience to accept his emotions and overcome difficulties.

Where possible, wellness talks / posters will be conducted / displayed to remind the students of the importance of staying healthy and development of physical/mental wellness.

Where possible, vending machines on campus also offer snacks and drinks that are healthier choices.

Beacon encourages interaction with the local community by promoting the activities organized by nearby community clubs/local organizations.

Where possible, Beacon also looks out for volunteering opportunities to assist the local community.

Student Development and Career Readiness Programme (SDCR)

The Student Development and Career Readiness (SDCR) Programme integrates various Student Support Services (eg. Enrichment Program & Leadership Development) with Academic Curriculum (eg. Experiential Learning) and Personal Development & Career Guidance (eg. Resume Writing). This 3-pronged approach seeks to develop the student holistically as an individual and prepare him/her for the demands of the working world.

Beacon involves the students in co-curricular activities outside the formal curriculum. These include:

Activities to help students develop holistically

  • Field Trips to Companies – E.g. NEWater Plant, Sentosa
  • Career & Motivational Talks by Industry Experts
  • Life Skills – E.g. Financial Literacy, Seconday Research
  • Workshop & Talks – E.g. Photography Workshop, Fire Safety, Scam Prevention
  • Go-Green & Save the Environment – E.g. Visit to Pulau Semakau Landfill, One Million Tree Movement
  • Cultural Festive Events – E.g. Chinese New Year and Deepavali
  • Community Services – E.g. Volunteering, Beacon Cleanup, Food Bank
  • Event & Exhibition – E.g. Food Hotel Asia, Water Week 

Beacon Student Union

  • Creates a platform where student leaders are given the opportunities to develop and hone their leadership skills.
  • Some members act as Beacon Ambassadors who represent Beacon in events like Education Fairs, School Talks, etc
  • Organize activities like Orientation, Discover Singapore with Beacon, Save the World, Racial Harmony Day, etc


EDP Course Representative

  • Act as the voice of the students enrolled in the EDP courses
  • Participate in the Programme Committee Meetings with the University and provide feedback and suggestions regarding the course.

Proceeding to a higher education and selecting career paths can be a daunting task for most. It is also an ongoing quest for students to continue upgrading their knowledge/skills and gain new exposure to increase their employability.

Beacon conducts Personal Development classes for the students throughout the duration of their courses. Useful soft skills are shared during these classes. Examples include Referencing Skills, Effective Resume Writing and Successful Interviewing Skills

Informal interactive sessions are organized to help students who want to improve their conversational English.

Beacon assists the students in understanding themselves better and their decision making with career guidance support. Useful Career Tools such as personality tests, job portal sites and career related articles are also provided on the college’s website. Interested students may also make appointments with the student services staff to receive individualized career guidance counselling.

Beacon provides a few types of counselling services:

  1. Pre-Course Counselling
  2. Pastoral Counselling
  3. Intervention Counselling
a. New Student Pre-course Counselling

The pre-course counselling framework recognises that the person seeking to enrol in Beacon has 3 facets to be addressed:

  • as an individual with needs
  • as a student
  • as a professional in-the-making
As IndividualRelevant Singapore laws especially those relating to ICA and Ministry of Manpower (MOM). These include, but are not limited to, immigration requirements, laws on drugs and alcohol abuse, employment, smoking and littering;
As IndividualStandard PEI-Student contract clauses;
As IndividualStudents’ Support Services;
As IndividualAdvice on personal and medical insurance;
As IndividualAdvice on accommodation and the cost of living;
As IndividualGeneral healthcare services in Singapore; and
As IndividualEnglish language proficiency requirement (if applicable).
As ProfessionalCourse counselling to match the aspirations of the prospective students with the course learning outcomes;
As ProfessionalType of certification awarded at the end of the course (certificate/diploma/advance diploma/degree/master/PhD etc);
As ProfessionalOpportunities for further education after graduation or job prospect after graduation;
As StudentCourse units and outlines;
As StudentSchool’s location(s) and a general description of the facilities and infrastructures;
As StudentApplication requirements and procedures;
As StudentTotal payable fee throughout the course duration. Fee must be transparent so that there are no hidden costs;
As StudentFPS adopted by the school, payment methods and schedule;
As StudentRefund policy;
As StudentTransfer and withdrawal policy;
As StudentCourse admission requirements and any exemption (if applicable);
As StudentCourse duration and assessment schedules;
As StudentPromotion and award criteria, including any special condition;
As StudentReference to CPE official website ( for more details; etc.
As StudentVisa and student’s pass application requirements and procedures;

Pre-Course Counselling Requirements

The Recruitment Agent/Marketing Staff conducts the pre-course counselling with the aid of a pre-course counselling checklist. The students are required to sign the checklist to acknowledge that the information on the checklist has been explained accurately and he/she understands.

b. Pastoral Counselling

Beacon strives to provide holistic care for students. It sees each person as a star in the making. The 5 points of the star represent the 5 aspects of each person – physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual.

PhysicalBeacon reminds students that they need to look after themselves physically – by getting enough exercise and sleep, not drinking alcohol (excessively), not smoking, etc.
MentalThe academic programmes offered by the school address this need.
SocialBeacon creates opportunities for students to come together and socialise in social activities and events. They not only have fun doing so but also learn social skills.
EmotionalThe emotional is how a person relates to and accepts himself and his situation. In dealing with students who may need counselling, Counsellors/Student Services Staff are sensitive as to how to address the emotional and social needs of each student who may be lonely or depressed. 
SpiritualBeacon encourages students to attend motivational talks organized by community centres, religious bodies and associations to inspire students as they struggle against the difficulties and challenges they face. Beacon may arrange for talks occasionally to guide and motivate students. The Counsellors / Student Services Staff also encourages students not to focus on their own problems, but also to consider the needs of others. The Student Union is set-up to be a support group for students.

Methods of Pastoral Counselling

Basic pastoral counselling, if required, is provided by the Counsellors/Student Services Staff in the first instance. Should a professionally trained counsellor or psychologist be needed, Beacon will refer the student to an appropriate external service provider with the service fees made know to the student before he/she takes up the service.

Students may approach the Marketing/Admin Staff to arrange for a counselling session with the Counsellors/Student Services Staffs when required. Counsellors/Student Services Staffs may also be requested by teachers/lecturers to counsel students with behavioural, aptitude or non performance issues. Areas of counselling include issues such as poor performance in studies, low attendance, disciplinary issues, personal problems, career or further studies, etc.

Beacon creates a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness by educating the Marketing, Admin and Academic Staff about customer service and, care and concern for the students using the college’s family culture and core values as a foundation.  Enrichment programmes and activities are organized to encourage students’ involvement and attendance.

Parents/Guardians play an important part in the students’ learning journey. They are a key stakeholders for Beacon to achieve its mission and vision.

Beacon collaborates closely with parents/guardians for students below 18 years of age. Regular updates of the student’s attendance rate and academic progress will be forwarded to these parents/guardians. These students are also strongly encouraged to stay at the recommended hostels to allow for closer supervision.

There are times when a student may need to seek other specialized support services. For example, to cope with Gambling Addiction and Mental Health issues.

A contact list containing their expertise and contact details is available on the Student Portal. Many of these helplines are supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). As such, Beacon believes that they are professionally qualified and have sound management.

Beacon treasures its relationship with the students and it does not stop even after graduation.

Beacon continues to engage our Alumni by:

  • Updating their latest status through the survey
  • Inviting Alumni back to join college activities
  • Returning as a guest speaker to motivate their juniors
  • Providing Career Guidance

Attention All Alumni! – Keep in contact with us by following “Beacon International College Alumni” on Facebook

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