A deferment occurs when the student delays or postpones the course (or module).


Defer Intake means to defer the commencement intake for the course.

Defer Course means to defer a module/semester after the course has commenced.

Conditions for Approval:
  • Legitimate reason for deferment
  • Complete supporting documents
  • Prior approval from parents / guardian for students below 18 years has been sought.
Deferment Request, Deferment Timeline & Letter of Outcome
  • All requests for deferment must be made using the relevant Deferment Form.
  • The processing time for a deferment request is fourteen (14) working days from the date of the student’s deferment request.
  • Once the outcome of the deferment request is ready, a letter will be issued to the student notifying them of the outcome.
Admin Fee & Refund
  • For deferment, there will be an administrative fee of $109. Under extenuating circumstances, the Admin Manager may exercise discretion to waive or reduce the deferment fee.
  • Refunds, if applicable, are processed in accordance with the Refund policy and procedures.
Student Pass & Fee Protection Scheme
  • International students on approved deferment hold onto their existing student pass and may need to renew the student pass subsequently to account for the extended course duration.
  • For FPS coverage, the student remains protected under the valid FPS Insurance scheme for the previously paid fees. Should additional new fees be paid based on the new addendum or Student Contract, addtional FPS coverage will be assigned.
Notice Period

Applications for defer intake must be submitted before the start of the next available intake.

Applications for defer course for the current semester must be submitted by the mid-week point of the current semester. (E.g. the 4th week of an 8 week semester)

Applications for defer course for the next semester must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the commencement of the new semester.

Maximum Deferment Period
  • The maximum deferment period is 1 semester.
  • If the student wishes to defer for more than 1 semester, the student would have to withdraw from the course and the withdrawal policy applies.
  • If the student wishes to enrol back into the same course subsequently, the student will be treated as a new application, but he/she may apply for exemptions for units previously completed.
  • Waiver of this limitation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and subjected to Management’s approval.


  1. When the student decides to defer, the Marketing Staff and/or the Student Services Staff will speak with the student to identify the reason for deferment and seek to solve the issue, if possible, so that the student may continue on with the course.
  2. If the student still decides to defer, the student completes the relevant Deferment Form and provide relevant supporting documents. The Student Services Staff proceeds to explain the terms and conditions listed on the Deferment Form and the implications of the deferment such as fees and student pass status (for international students). The student has to sign off the Deferment Form to acknowledge that the above details have been explained to him/her and he/she understood them. The request form is handed over to the Admin Manager to vet.
  3. The Admin Manager approves the defer intake requests while the defer course requests are submitted to the relevant Course Manager / Coordinator / Head of Department (Acad) for approval.
  4. Following which, the Student Services Staff issues an outcome letter indicating the results of the deferment request.
  5. Depending on the approved period of deferment, the existing student pass will either be maintained or cancelled and a new Student Contract or addendum may be generated upon the student’s return from deferment.
Communication to Prospective & Current Students
  • Beacon Website
  • Student Handbook
  • During Pre-Course Counselling
  • During Student Orientation
  • Signing of relevant Deferment Form