A transfer occurs when student changes the course or period of study (from full-time to part-time or vice versa) before completion but remains as a student of Beacon.

Conditions for Approval:
  • Legitimate reason for transfer
  • Complete supporting documents
  • Student’s initial highest qualifications satisfy the entry requirement of the new course
  • Prior approval from parents / guardian for students below 18 years has been sought.
Transfer Request, Transfer Timeline & Letter of Outcome
  • All requests for transfer must be made using the Transfer Form.
  • The processing time for a transfer request is fourteen (14) working days from the date of the student’s transfer request.
  • Once the outcome of the transfer request is ready, a letter will be issued to the student notifying them of the outcome.
Admin Fee & Refund
  • There is no administrative fee charged for processing a transfer request.
  • Refunds, if applicable, are processed in accordance with the Refund policy and procedures.
Student Pass & Fee Protection Scheme
  • For international students, a valid student pass for the new course will have to be approved by ICA.
  • For FPS coverage, the student remains protected under the valid FPS-G Insurance scheme if the previously paid fees are credited over to the new contract. Should additional new fees be paid, additional FPS coverage will be assigned.


  • When the student has decided to transfer, the Marketing Staff conducts a pre-course counselling on the new course.
  • The student then completes the Transfer Form and provide relevant supporting documents. The Student Services Staff proceeds to explain the terms and conditions listed on the Transfer Form and the implications of the transfer such as fees and student pass status (for international students). The student has to sign off the Transfer Form to acknowledge that the above details have been explained to him/her and he/she understood them.
  • The Admission Staff then reviews the student’s highest qualification and verifies that the student has met the new course’s entry requirements.
  • The Admin Manager then reviews the transfer request and decides either to approve or reject the request.
    Following which, the Student Services Staff issues an outcome letter indicating the results of the transfer request.
  • A student pass for the new course would be applied and a contract for the new course will be generated and signed by the student.
Communication to Prospective & Current Students
  • Beacon Website
  • Student Handbook
  • During Pre-Course Counselling
  • During Student Orientation
  • Signing of Transfer Form