Student's Lounge

Here at Beacon, we have our students’ welfare in mind. Thus, a student lounge is available for students to rest and relax during breaks.

Students are welcome to have their meals in the comfort of the students’ lounge. Snack and drink machines are located in the students’ lounge and around the school campus for the convenience of students.

Study tables provide students with a comfortable environment for self-study.


A Library is also provided for students to enrich their learning, or simply for leisure reading purposes. The library is stocked up with reference books on various topics, such as computing, business, psychology, travel and GCE ‘O’ Level subjects. A large range of Fiction books and magazines are also available.

Other facilities located in the library include a photocopying machine, a wireless network printer, and a desktop computer.


General Enquiries

Located at the main entrance, this reception caters to new visitors who wish to find out more about Beacon’s courses.

Student Support Office

This reception caters to existing students of Beacon who require various student support services.