Course Fee

Course Fee

Please refer to the icon to download the Course Fee Table.

The 3 (three) types of fee payable to Beacon are:

  1. Application Fee 
    Application fee is non – refundable and will not be protected under the Fee Protection Scheme.
  2. Course Fees
    The course fee is refundable and is subjected to Beacon’s refund policy.
  3. Miscellaneous Fees
    The miscellaneous fees are not protected under the Fee Protection Scheme. All miscellaneous fees and amounts are stipulated in Beacon’s Student Contract.

Financial Award and Support

Terms & Conditions, unless otherwise stated
  • This can be in the form of Scholarship, Bursary, Study Grant, or any other financial assistance scheme introduced by Beacon at any time.
  • All applicants are eligible for the Financial Award and Support scheme except those applying to programmes with durations of less than 3 months.
  • All applicants shall be automatically assessed for their eligibility for the prevailing Bursary, Study Grant or any other financial assistance scheme at the point of application based on the supporting documentation furnished.  If needed, additional documentation / information may be requested. 
  • The monetary value, payment schedule, duration, and conditions shall be communicated to the applicants BEFORE course commencement,  such offers are only valid for the applicable period and shall not be transferable or encashable or converted into any other form.     
  • Applications for Scholarship shall be made using the prescribed form made available upon request and shall be subject to the prevailing scholarship terms and conditions.
  • Beacon reserves the right to amend or withdraw Scholarship, Bursary, Study Grant, or any financial assistance scheme without prior notice.
  • Beacon’s decision is final.  No appeal shall be entertained.