CEO Self Declaration

CEO Self Declaration

It is my strong belief that everyone irrespective of background, culture and race has the right to a well rounded education. Our School is committed to provide students with an enjoyable and enriching learning experience to develop his/her potential.

Being a CPE registered educational provider, we have several full-time and adjunct teachers/lecturers. Many of them possess post-graduate qualifications and working experience in related industries to complement their teaching experience. Beacon maintains a teacher-student ratio of not more than 1:15. Along with our passion for education, we will create the ideal learning environment for our students.

Our school has a conducive learning environment comprising of eight classrooms with seating capacity ranging from 9 to 72, a library, a comfortable rest and recreation area all equipped with high speed broadband wireless internet connection.

Beacon has introduced the Fee Protection Scheme since December 2009. Through this scheme together with a clear refund policy, and procedures, transfers/withdrawal policy and procedures, Mode of payment for FPS Insurance, Student Grievance Procedure, students are well-informed of courses offered and fee details before making the decision to enroll in a course with us. All fees paid by students’ are protected in accordance with a Standard PEI-Student Contract and FPS Insurance.

Our school has feedback and survey systems which gather suggestions and complaints/grievances on a regular basis. With these systems in place, our school is able to take the necessary and appropriate actions to continually improve our services to students in pursuit of education excellence.

Lee Hian
Chief Executive Officer