Student Selection Procedure & Process
  • RA / Marketing Staff explains the course application procedure and important information (e.g. FPS, signing of student contract, refund policy, transfer/withdrawal policy, attendance requirement, award criteria, etc) to the student by going through the Student Pre-Course Counselling Checklist and Agent Handbook.
  • The student signs and acknowledges that RA / Marketing Staff has explained the required information stated in the Student Pre-Course counselling checklist. RA / Marketing Staff sends Admissions Staff the Student Pre-Course Counselling checklist that is signed by the student and RA / Marketing Staff. If the student is in Singapore, the RA / Marketing Staff will conduct the Pre-Course counselling and submit the hardcopy documents to the Admissions Staff.
  • The student / RA / Marketing Staff fills in Beacon’s Application Form. RA / Marketing Staff sends to Admissions staff the completed Application Form, highest qualification (notarised copy of certificates/transcripts for PRC applicants) of the student and for international students – all other documents required by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) as stated in the Application Form & Application Documents Checklist. The student also pays Beacon an Application Fee. The original copy of the student’s certificate/transcripts will be verified when the student arrives in Singapore. In cases where the RA assists to fill out the Application Form, the student must sign and verify that the info provided is accurate during enrolment.
  • When Admission staff receives the application documents from RA / Marketing staff, the application documents will be given to an executive of the Registrar Office for verification. The Executive of Registrar Office reviews the application and a member of the Management team approves the application if the following conditions are fulfilled:
    a) The student meets the minimum entry requirement of the selected course
    b) For courses conducted in English, the student has passed English in his/her home country’s qualification or Beacon’s English Placement Test**
    c) For courses conducted in Chinese, the student’s previous qualification is conducted in Chinese or passed Chinese in his/her home country’s qualification.

** Where applicable, Beacon’s English Placement test is conducted when the student arrives in Singapore. Beacon recognises the English results of International Students who use English medium in their home country’s secondary or high school education such as India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc. International Students who do not use the English medium in their secondary or high school studies in their home country such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc must sit for the English Placement Test administered by the Admin Staff upon arrival in Singapore to determine if they have met the English proficiency for their course. Those who do not attain the required level for their applied course are required to attend English Language class and pass the required level before proceeding to their applied course.

For applicants who apply for the Bachelor’s Degree course, an appointed staff will email the University for approval of the applicant’s qualification.

  • The Registrar or a member of the Management Team may give approval for conditional offers on a case by case basis. Some of the possible conditions include:
    a) the final results of the qualification are not available until a later date
    b) the student has completed the course but is waiting for the certificate and transcript
    c) the course applied for requires completion of a pre-requisite course / unit.
  • The Executive of Registrar Office checks the qualifications and signs on the Application Form to confirm that he/she has verified the qualification. When in doubts about the qualification, he/she will refer the application to the Principal / Director (Academic) for consideration. When the need arises, the Principal / Director (Academic) will arrange for an interview and decide if the application should be approved. The Registrar or a member of the Management Team signs on the Application Form to confirm that he/she has verified the eligibility of the applicant and approves the application.
  • All applications must be approved by the Registrar or a member of the Management team. Admissions Staff will prepare a Letter of Offer and process the Student’s Pass (for international students) following the “Student Admission Procedure & Monitoring Process”. If the application is rejected, Admissions Staff will inform the RA / Marketing staff who will inform the student and recommend an alternative course, where applicable.
  • For students who apply for the Bachelor’s Degree programme, an appointed staff verifies the authenticity of the applicants’ qualification. An email will be sent to the applicant’s college / university for the award qualification verification.

Borderline or special cases

  • When the need arises, the Principal / Director (Academic) will interview applicants of ‘borderline’ or ‘special’ cases before they are accepted. This is to determine that they can benefit from joining the course.

Students who fail the English Placement Test

  • Students who do not meet the English entry requirement seeking admission to Beacon to study for a course conducted in English must sit for an English Placement Test to assess the students’ language ability. If the student fails the English Placement Test, Beacon will arrange to place the student in an English class of a suitable level for a specific number of hours to bridge the gap.
  • Admissions Staff generates 2 copies of the Student Contract (SC) after generating the LOO and LOA and sends them to the respective RA/Marketing Staff who will explain the contract clauses to the applicant. The applicant must understand the contract clauses before signing the contract.
  • For International students, upon Registrar’s approval of the application and receipt of complete information, Admissions Staff processes the STP application via ICA’s on-line SOLAR+ system.
  • Upon approval of the STP application, Admissions Staff informs the RA/Marketing Staff by sending an email notification within 3 working days. The RA/ Marketing Staff then forwards the email to the student. The SC and Fee Payable are attached with this email. The In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter is forwarded to the student after course fee payment has been made to Beacon.
  • Upon receipt of the course fee payment, the relevant staff purchases the FPS to protect the course fee.
  • For STP applications that are rejected by ICA, Admissions Staff informs the RA/ Marketing Staff within 3 working days upon receipt of notification from ICA.
  • If the student wishes to submit an appeal, Admissions Staff assists the student by forwarding the student’s appeal letter to ICA.
  • When the International students arrive in Singapore, Admissions Staff arranges for medical check-up, ICA appointments, Student’s Pass collection, etc.
  • Admissions Staff and Admin Staff conducts Orientation briefing to explain the admission procedures and issues the Student Handbook to the student. The student is informed of the Student Contract, Refund Policy, FPS, Medical Insurance, Transfer/Withdrawal Policy & Procedures, Attendance requirement, Award criteria, etc. The New Student Survey is also administered by the Admin Staff during orientation.
  • An Orientation Programme is conducted for all new students. The programme includes a welcome session by the Principal, academic and administrative staff; team building activities (centres on Beacon’s Core Values) and bonding sessions involving new and existing students and staff.
  • Should a student be late for an intake, he/she is allowed a two-week late insertion into the course. The student is required to join the next intake if he/she joins the intake later than 2 weeks. The student must sign the ‘Joining an On-going Class’ Form to acknowledge and agree to join the course even though it has commenced. Such requests to join an on-going class must be approved by a member of the Management Team.