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Advanced Diploma in Elder Care Management (Chinese)

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The course focuses on:

  • To provide an educational foundation for range of health-related fields of nursing knowledge and skills;
  • To provide specialised studies directly relevant to individual vocations and professions in which students are working or intend to seek employment;
  • To enable students to make an immediate contribution in employment;
  • To provide flexibility, knowledge, skills and motivation as a basis for career development and as a basis for further studies;
  • To develop students’ ability in elder care through effective use and combination of the knowledge and skills gained in different parts of the programme;
  • To develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life.
Course Structure

The Advanced Diploma course comprises eight subject units of study.

The subject units are as follows:


  • 描述人体正常的生长和发育
  • 识别人体细胞,组织和器官的构造和特性
  • 解释人体各系统的解剖和生理
  • 识别人体各系统的常见疾病及治疗方法
  • 解释临床微生物学的概念和原理


  • 人体的介绍
  • 循环及血液系统
  • 呼吸系统
  • 神经系统及特觉器官
  • 肌肉及骨骼系统
  • 消化系统
  • 泌尿系统
  • 内分泌系统
  • 生殖系统
  • 免疫系统及微生物学


  • 对家居护理学有所认识
  • 透过理论及实习懂得于家居环境中照顾他人
  • 透过问题解决的模式,使学员在不同情况下灵活运用护理技巧
  • 懂得示范适当的个人临床护理技巧
  • 认识及收集不同样本的步骤,并进行简单的生理检查
  • 认识药物处理的原则及方法
  • 认识纾缓治疗的概念


  • 家居护理概念
  • 促进受照料者之舒适
  • 观察及量度受照料者之生命表征
  • 预防感染
  • 给予受照料者药物
  • 铺床法及日常个人梳洗的技巧
  • 个人卫生及理遗护理
  • 量度生命表征及记录心电图
  • 喂食技巧
  • 活动及预防压疮的技巧
  • 感染控制及伤口护理
  • 收集样本及进行尿液测试
  • 药物处理
  • 长者的护理


  • 增强学生的急救意识
  • 讲授急救护理学的基本理论
  • 训练急救基本技能
  • 培养学生在紧急情况下迅速评估、正确决策和果断实施的综合急救能力


  • 急救的基本原则与实践
  • 常见急症救护
    • 呼吸系统失控
    • 心肺复苏法及自动体外除颤器
    • 循环系统障碍
  • 常见损伤救护
    • 创伤与出血
    • 人事不省
    • 烧伤与烫伤
    • 骨骼,关节及肌肉创伤
    • 过热的影响
  • 常见急性中毒救护
    • 中毒
    • 咬伤与螫伤
  • 常用急救设备及应用
    • 敷料与绷带
  • 常用救护技术及护理
    • 伤病者的搬运
  • 现场抢救技术概述


  • 熟悉老年人常见的心理和精神问题
  • 了解心理健康的定义和标准
  • 掌握老年人记忆、智力、思维、人格的生理性老化的特征;
  • 掌握常见心理、精神方面的护理诊断和护理措施
  • 掌握维护和增加老年人心理健康的措施


  • 老年人的心理特征及影响因素
  • 老年人心理健康评估
  • 老年人常见的心理和精神问题:焦虑、抑郁、孤独、自卑
  • 老年人心理健康的维护和促进


  • 掌握老年人生理代谢特点
  • 老年人的营养需要
  • 理解老年人的饮食原则


  • 老年人生理代谢特点
  • 老年人的营养需要
  • 老年人的饮食原则
  • 老年人生理代谢特点及饮食原则


  • 初级英语、词汇及医疗术语
  • 强调在职场会用到的词汇和语法,以加强学生的职场英语技能。


  • 阅读理解能力
  • 基本的医疗术语
  • 加强与管理人员,病人和其他医务人员的沟通能力。


  • 中级英语、词汇及医疗术语
  • 强调在职场会用到的词汇和语法,以加强学生的职场英语技能。


  • 阅读理解能力
  • 高级医疗术语
  • 加强与管理人员,病人和其他医务人员的沟通能力。


  • 进入社区医务管理领域的启蒙课程,
  • 引导学生明确护理学的基础理论及学科框架,
  • 了解医务管理学及
  • 其发展趋势的专业基础课。


  • 社区医务管理的绪论
  • 社区医务管理理念
  • 社区医务管理发展史
  • 社区医务管理人员的角色与功能
  • 健康与疾病
  • 人类基本需要
  • 病人的医疗环境
  • 社区医务管理的工作模式
  • 护理过程
  • 治疗性人际关系与有效沟通
  • 护理与法律

Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  1. Utilize knowledge and skills to provide first aid and emergency care;
  2. Able to communicate in English in the medicine related work field;
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of preventive health care and care management;
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of elderly behaviour and psychology;
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of food and nutrition for elderly;
  6. Demonstrate the ability to work independently as well as effectively as a member of  a team.
Admission Criteria

Age Requirement

  • Age 17 and above

Academic Requirement

  • a Diploma
  • China Grade 12
  • SMU 3
  • GCE ‘A’ Levels – at least two (2) Grade E
  • ITE Higher NITEC 2.5
  • STPM – 2 passes
  • Vietnam Grade 12
  • Any other equivalent qualifications

Language Requirement

  • At least C6 in O-Level Chinese OR equivalent a Pass in Chinese Proficiency Assessment Test determined by the college OR equivalent qualifications
Course Information

Course Length:

This Award takes approximately 480 hours excluding the development and implementation of coursework.


  • Recommended Duration: 12 months


  • Recommended Duration: 18 months


Candidates who successfully complete all 8 units of this programme will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Elder Care Management (Chinese) by Beacon International College.

Teacher-Student Ratio

Beacon maintains a maximum teacher-student ratio as follows:

Tutorial – 1:40

Lecture – 1:72

Course Details

Lectures / Tutorials

The course is mainly conducted in the classroom via face-to-face learning which encourages student-teacher interaction. Students are encouraged to attend field trips and bazaars organised by the school to encourage experiential learning.


This course is assessed by a combination of coursework and exam. Coursework will be assessed throughout the unit and an exam will be at the end of each semester. Coursework involves doing a report, presentation or project work.