Terms and Conditions for Degree Course Fee Rebate

  1. This campaign is only applicable for:
    • This campaign is only open for Singaporeans and Malaysians;
    • FIRST 10 Applicants who sign up and successfully enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree with Beacon International College;
    • This campaign is only applicable to one programme application of the August intake (22nd August 2022) in 2022;
    • Applicants who have submitted complete application documents** and paid application fee upfront by 12th August 2022;
  2. This campaign is NOT applicable for students who have opted for instalment plans and applicants on tuition grant scheme,
  3. Employees, the immediate families and the students of Beacon International College are INELIGIBLE for this campaign,
  4. Course Fee Rebate available:
    • SGD 2,000 rebate of course fee (10 pax)
  5. The course fee rebate will be deducted from the course fee payable and will be reflected in the letter of offer,
  6. Winners will be notified within 3 working days after the required documents are submitted and application fee is paid,
  7. This rebate is non-exchangeable and non-transferable for any form of cash or credit alternative,
  8. Applicants must not withdraw from the course before course commencement,
  9. No replacement will be issued in the event of cancellation of the winner’s plan for any reason,
  10. Students who are under this scheme are required to meet the following requirements during the course of study:
    • Adherence to Beacon’s academic and administrative policies;
    • Exemplary conduct
  11. Winners are required to respond and sign on the Letter of Acceptance as a form of acknowledgement,
  12. Winners who do not respond with the information as required in the above clause within the
    stipulated time period of three (3) days from the date of Notification forfeit their rights to this rebate,
  13. Beacon International College reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions, and to suspend, terminate or vary the amount of Course Fee Rebate with or without notice to customers. The mode of notification of suspension, termination or variation shall be at Beacon International College’s sole discretion,
  14. Beacon International College may also choose to extend this campaign at its discretion at any time without notice or liability to you.

**Please contact our consultants for more details of application documents.